The Best Brands for Caulking Purposes

Sikaflex Pro

Sikaflex Pro is one of the best brands available in the market. As a supplier and manufacturer of specialty chemical products for the construction industry, Sikaflex stands out by providing thousands of items throughout all major cities in Australia.

Why Choose Sikaflex Pro

Sikaflex is the name of a category of products manufactured by Sika that are based on polyurethane. It ensures that they are extremely versatile, shock-absorbing, and high strength, making them suitable for Home Renovation.

Sikaflex PRO and Sikaflex-11FC are the most commonly used and easily available products of Sikaflex. These products can be found in any hardware store in Australia. Sikaflex 11FC can be ideally used as a sealant and as an adhesive that can be completely exposed to water. This makes it perfect for a lot of work around your home, such as tile hats falling off the wall in your bathroom or kitchen; tile edges where they fit your wooden flooring; or gluing wood racks onto brick walls in your garage.

On the other hand, Sikaflex PRO is only used as an insulation agent and can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can use Sikaflex PRO to cover the doors and windows that are perfect for maintaining our houses and keeping them warm. You may also use it to protect your yard from a cement wall to your stairs, or from panels of cement in your house. In order to finish off anything, you can cut, sand it down, and paint it to fit your house.

Whether it’s the intensive summer heat (or even the wild snow conditions) or wet winter conditions, the outside of your home is exposed to the harsh Australian conditions during the whole year, and areas like the screens around your window sills and gutters can slow down, disappear or fully disintegrate if it is not properly protected. Outside characteristics such as timber architraves and marshlands, especially when the water passes the paint or protective coating, can also suffer weather-based damages. This leads to rot which can damage the structural integrity of the feature piece seriously if not rapidly fixed. Sikaflex helps insulate your living place against moisture and molds.

Sikasil Pro:

Sikasil-PRO is a neutral, one-piece silicone sealant with low odor and good adhesive properties, and long shelf life for skilled applications. Sikasil-PRO cures at room temperature to give a permanently flexible silicone rubber under the action of atmospheric moisture.

Sikasil-PRO can be used on Enamel, glass, Tiles, Ceramics, Steel, Aluminium, Zinc, copper, Laminates in plastic, Rubber, Stainless Steel, Concrete, and grout products.

How to Use:

Check for clean, dry, dust-free, grated, and lose surface areas. Cut the cartridge seal off the nozzle and screw on the cartridge in order to achieve the desired bead size. Place the cartridge in the appropriate pistol.

Smooth away with a spatula dipped in a detergent solution before skin forms (within 15 minutes). Immediately remove excess sealants with a mineral turpentine damped cloth. The surface of the sealant skin will be fully cured within 72 hours and will last 10 to 15 minutes. A fully cleansed dressing agent with a sharp blade can be removed, but avoid under a cutting agent. Sikasil-PRO can be cleaned with mineral turpentine tools and hands before being fully restored.

Sikaflex-PRO and Sikasil-PRO are the trusted brands we use for house renovations. Contact us by requesting a quote for the best caulking service in Melbourne. We will provide you with a mess-free and high-quality weather-proofing service. We promise to leave you excited by seeing the results.